GenAI Master Class


Build Your Own AI Co-Pilot with Open Source Tools

Dive deep into the world of Large Language Models (LLMs) with our hands-on Master Class at AI Days 2024. This immersive workshop, curated by the visionaries at Swecha Telangana, is designed for corporate professionals seeking to revamp their tech capabilities and harness the full potential of AI.

Target Audience

  • Professionals

  • AI Enthusiasts

  • College Faculty

  • Startup Teams

  • Academicians

  • Students

Overview Info

  • Price: ₹6,000



Hands-on Experience

Gain practical, hands-on experience in building an AI co-pilot using open-source tools, allowing participants to understand the process from start to finish.


Open-Source Mastery

Learn how to leverage open-source tools effectively to build AI co-pilots, enabling participants to utilize freely available resources and contribute to the open-source community.


Problem-Solving Skills

Develop problem-solving skills specific to AI integration challenges, allowing participants to address complex issues with confidence and efficiency.


Collaboration Opportunities

Foster collaboration among participants, enabling them to exchange ideas, best practices, and potential solutions to common challenges faced when integrating AI into products and services.



Provide opportunities for participants to network with industry experts, peers, and potential collaborators, facilitating knowledge sharing and professional connections within the AI integration space.


Prototype Development

Leave with a working prototype or proof-of-concept of an AI co-pilot, allowing participants to apply their newfound skills directly to their projects or products.

Continued Learning Pathways: Receive guidance on further learning pathways and resources to continue developing skills in AI integration beyond the master class, ensuring long-term growth and proficiency in the field.


For Engineering Teams

Develop a functional AI co-pilot prototype

Gain hands-on experience building a basic AI co-pilot using open-source tools. This prototype can be a stepping stone for integrating AI solutions into your product roadmap.


Master the open-source AI toolkit

Learn about popular open-source libraries and frameworks for building AI applications. This will empower your team to leverage these tools for future projects.


Bridge the gap between theory and practice

Move beyond theoretical concepts and gain practical experience in building and deploying AI co-pilots. Boost your problem-solving skills: Develop a framework for approaching AI integration challenges within your product line.


For Startups

Identify AI opportunities for innovation

Discover how AI co-pilots can add value to your existing products and spark new ideas for future development.


Gain a competitive edge

Learn how to leverage open-source tools to implement AI solutions efficiently and cost-effectively.


Prototype and validate your AI concepts

Develop a working prototype of an AI co-pilot to test and refine your ideas before full-scale development.


Build a foundation for future AI projects

Equip your team with the skills and knowledge to tackle more complex AI projects in the future.


For Faculty

Stay current with industry trends

Learn about the latest open-source tools and techniques used in building AI solutions.


Develop engaging and practical curriculum

Enhance your AI coursework by incorporating hands-on projects with open-source tools.


Bridge the skills gap between academia and industry

Equip your students with practical skills that are in high demand by employers in the AI field.


Spark student interest in AI

Provide a stimulating and accessible introduction to AI development using open-source tools.

By attending this master class, participants from all backgrounds will gain valuable knowledge and practical skills to jumpstart their journey towards integrating AI solutions.