About the event

AI Days aims to bring together experts and institutions from Industry, Academia, Startups and Government who work on a shared goal of people-centric AI. We envision the conference as the melting pot for breakthrough advancements in tech, policy, art and more avenues centred around responsible AI. In addition, this conference will help foster a better ecosystem for AI-based startups. We aim to conduct this as an annual conference.


Who we are?

We, Swecha, are the team behind Telugu language computing. We created the first Telugu operating system, free-type font, and glossary in Telugu. The glossary we developed two decades ago is still widely used every day. We have also recently developed Chandamama Kathalu, a storytelling platform where an AI generates moral stories in Telugu. Our activities and efforts are centred around democratising access to Tech!

Every year, we conduct multiple workshops, seminars, conferences and more. We reach out to more than 40,000 IT professionals, engineering faculty and engineering students across Telangana. We have a network of IT professionals across the country who contribute to projects that help society.